What Is Sublimation

Dye-Sublimation printing is a method used when transferring designs onto garments/fabrics etc. The sublimation process is when ink is transferred from a solid state and then while applying heat & pressure the print is transferred into a gas state which allows the molecules to become embedded into the fibres of the fabric. Sublimation printing is very high in demand and the reason it is so popular is due to how eco-friendly it is. The process by which dye-sublimation is applied means you get high definition results while maintaining fabric integrity. With this modern technology, you can create vivid, durable & vibrant garment quickly and cost effectively.

So why is sublimation eco friendly?
One of the biggest advantages of sublimation printing is the minimal wastage created during the process. Dye does not leak into the the water system compared to other dyeing processes.

Dye-sublimation is normally used on polyester & other polyester-coated substrates. the reason for this is because even though polyester is a synthetic material it can withstand a higher temperature and also allows the ink to be transferred more efficiently. The upside to this is because polyester is such a popular fabric in the apparel industry it allows the possibilities to be endless. Any design and any colour can be used and brought to life at a high resolution allowing us to provide wide range for our customers. compared to other fabric the dye carried out on polyester will not fade or look dull over time.

Being one of the biggest bespoke sportswear manufactures in the UK we take pride in the fact that we also offer a sublimation method to our customers allowing them to take their ideas and designs and make them a reality.

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