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1960s to 1970s

The journey began in 1964 when founder Peter Spall introduced the first “Spall-Ball”. An iconic laceless leather football which was available for purchase to the general public.

Bobby Moore England captain at the 1966 worldcup win endorsing Spall

During the late 1960s brand diversification became very popular into bespoke team kits, making Spall a force to be reckoned with. These ranges were endorsed by football legends at time, for example Geoff Hurst who at the time had his entire range made by Spall.

The first Spall factory where Peter Spall's wife worked

Bobby Moore was one of the first be elected to endorse the Spall name. Being one of the iconic English footballers at this point in time, and one of the most memorable to ever play the beautiful game. As Bobby Moore was captain of the England team during the historic 1966 English world cup win, he was the perfect man for the role.

Geoff Hurst had his entire sportswear range manufactured by Spall and in this picture you can see the kits themselves being displayed

1970s to 1980s

Between the 1970s Spall developed further as a manufacturer, producing more kits and ranges, and now supplying to all levels of clubs and teams. This led an increased turnover which in 1978 reached 50%.

The Spall factory in the 1970s showing everything was still handmade

Bobby Moore in a newspaper advertisement for the Spall Ball

While Spall started importing some of their products from China in the 1970s, the largest portion of the business was the Spall clothing and football kits which were still made by hand in Shenfield, Essex

1980s to 1990s

By the mid 1980s Spall was well on the road to success, but that still did not slow them down. 20 Years after the 1966 England World Cup Bobby Moore was again involved with the Spall team. Helping to perfect their kits and add a unique touch to make the kits stand out on the field.

Barry Spall and Bobby Moore in the 1980s altering a Southend Shirt

Here you can see the world famous Bobby Moore and Spall’s own Barry Spall measuring and altering a Southend shirt.

1988 was one of the most historical moments in Football Association, FA Cup History. Wimbledon, a small team which were considered the underdogs and had only even been in existence for roughly 10 years had managed to achieve the unthinkable. In 1988 Wimbledon had just defeated the Liverpool team who were the league champions at the time. As well as being FA Cup history, this was an iconic moment for Spall as the kit worn by Wimbledon in the 1988 Finals was created by Spall.

The new and underdog team Wimbledon AFC having just won the 1988 FA Cup in Spall shirts

1990s to 2000s

During the early 1990s Spall began to expand in who they would be supplying and manufacturing for, expanding from just the big name professional clubs. Spall began to supply to trade customers, opening up world famous Spall kits for amateur clubs for the first time.

The Swansea football club periodical

2000s to Present

During the begining of the new millennium, Spall introduced brand diversification and for the first time started producing kits for other sports such as Rugby, Netball and more.

Later on in the 2000s Spall relocated to a larger and better production unit, supplying to trade for continuity and stability, making Spall one of the largest UK bespoke sportswear manufacturers, and Spall is still growing and developing to this day

Today we’re expanding faster than ever before and always looking to the future

Bobby Moore, famous England Captain in the England 1966 World Cup endorsing the renowned Spall Ball